Please see the SIZE tab on each individual product page to see the measurements for each item.

At Fatboys we only stock proper sized clothing. We stock clothing from a 2XL to 8XL and footwear from size 9 to 16. Our sizes are larger than standard shops' sizes as our starting size, 2XL, is usually bigger than many standard shops' 2XL. Below is a rough guide of the average measurements of the clothes we stock. Please use this as a guide only.

Size Waist
Chest (to fit) Neck
2XL 42" - 44" 46" - 48" 18" - 18.5"
3XL 46" - 48" 50" - 52" 19" - 19.5"
4XL 50" - 52" 54" - 56" 20"
5XL 54" - 56" 58" - 60" 21"
6XL 58" - 60" 62" - 64" 22"
7XL 62" - 64" 66" - 68" 23"
8XL 66" - 68" 70" - 72" 24"

We know it can be frustrating when different brands of clothing, supposedly the same size, can measure completely different. Therefore we measure each size of every product that we sell, which can be seen in the product description. Before purchasing any item please refer to the measurements stated in the product description, as some brands you may need a size bigger or smaller.

Please note: As we do not manufacturer the goods ourselves, we cannot guarantee every single item of the same style and size will measure the exact same. Therefore please allow a 1 to 2 inch difference between items. Any more than this we would consider the item to be marked up the wrong size and would happily exchange / refund it.

Please refer to the illustrations below on how our measurements are taken. We would recommend finding an item of clothing that fits well, take the measurements as shown below and compare these to the measurements stated in the product description to see what size would fit best.

Tops Measurements

Chest Measured across the fullest part of the chest. Usually 1” below the armpit.
Length Measured from the back of the neck to the bottom of the garment.
Sleeve Measured from the middle of the neck, across the shoulder and down to the end of the sleeve.
Neck Measured around the neck.

Bottoms Measurements

Waist Measured around the waist.
Rise Measured from the back of the neck to the bottom of the garment.
Leg Length Measured from the inside leg down to the cuff.
Thigh Measured around the thigh, about 1” below the middle of the crotch.
Calf Measured around where your calf would sit, usually 12” above the cuff.
Ankle Measured around the very bottom of the cuff.

Raging Bull Sizes

Raging Bull Sizes

Due to a change in Raging Bull sizes, we have marked down the sizes stated on the label, to bring them roughly in line with the majority of other brands we sell such as Kangol, Mish Mash, Espionage & Ben Sherman. Therefore you'll most likely receive an item with, for example, 3XL on the garment label but 2XL on the tag.

A while ago Raging Bull used to make a 2XL for the main shops, and another 2XL for outsized shops. To avoid confusion they stopped making 2 different 2XL sizes and so moved the size labels down, but kept the measurements the same. In short, they used to go from 2XL to 5XL, but now go from 3XL to 6XL.

We then marked the new 3XL as a 2XL, so if a customer previously bought a 2XL, they can continue to buy a 2XL and they will measure the same size. This also brought the sizes back into line with the majority of other brands we sell like, Kangol, Mish Mash, Espionage & Ben Sherman, however even these brands will have different cuts so will all measure slightly different. That's why we always recommend measuring an item of clothing you have that fits well and compare these measurements to the product measurements that can be found on every product page under the size tab.

Ben Sherman Sizes

Ben Sherman Sizes

Ben Sherman make 2 different size scales, standard sizes for standard shops and outsized sizes for outsized shops. Therefore a 3XL standard size Ben Sherman shirt will be smaller than a 3XL outsized Ben Sherman shirt. A rough estimate is our 2XL Ben Sherman shirts will be roughly the same size as standard shops' 4XL.

The main way you can tell which is a standard size and which is an outsized size, is the product code. Pretty much all our Ben Sherman product codes should have "IL" on the end (e.g. 0059310IL), whereas a standard size will not have "IL" on the end.

If you are unsure of the size you need, please refer to each product's individual measurements, which can be found under the size tab in the product description. You can compare these to a garment you know fits.